“When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole”

We bring you the processed version of our denim jacket, making its first debut this season. A signature of the processed denim is cantate’s processing method: like no other technique in the world.

Continuing on from last year, we performed our denim processing within Okayama Prefecture – a major producer of jeans – at a specialized factory there. With processing performed by hand, the end-result reflects the considerations of the craftsmen there – pleasing to the senses.

In the past, denim jackets – even those for the purposes of work-wear – were highly priced and valued. One treats it with care while wearing, washing it from time to time, and wearing again. If one buys a new piece of denim and wears it with care for over ten years, it shows character – evening out to a fine jacket overall. This is the kind of story we wished to bring to reality – and it was with this story that we made our request to the craftsmen who would go on to process the necessary denim.

It was with that that the craftsmen created this denim: colored deeply and richly, with the joint and other sections appearing aged through 10 years of use – guaranteeing for a unique taste to the denim.

10-year Politely Worn T-Back Jacket