“You Don’t Know What Love Is by Nina Simone”

A representative item of cantate’s, the authentic denim jacket is immune to the changing trends of the times – no how many years you wear it, nothing about it appears old. This season, however, we see the release of a new variant of this piece of wear – a first.

Pleats inserted on both sides of the front, a single pocket attached on the left side, a gather on the yoke, and a needled cinch back in the collar – the details are rich with vintage elements and design. The real horn buttons demonstrate that this jacket is from no other than cantate.

But that’s not all. This denim jacket is a recreation of a “first” I saw at a vintage clothes store long ago, when I was a student in high school. First, we inserted a V-stich in the front collar belt: on both sides, no less. When looking up how to recreate these details, I found no clues – as such, the details present here are ones recreated from my own memory. On the center of the back, we have implemented a rolling seam stitch. The stitch itself is reminiscent of the letter T, warranting the name “T-pack,” but in the past, when a single piece of denim on the back-side of the jacket wasn’t sufficient to create larger size variants, I have heard that two pieces of fabric were sewn together to create the pattern – leading to the creation of this “T-pack.”

It is exactly because of the simple design of the denim jacket that in switching out this back pattern, the overall feel of the design changes. The fabric: an original, 15-ounce selvage denim; running upon the ear of the denim, we see the pink of the selvage.

T-Back Jacket