“You’re Driving Me Crazy by Frank Sinatra”

The fun in wearing jeans is feeling the change of the wear throughout the years. As one continues wearing the material from its brand-new stages, one notices the color fading, as well as the birth of beard-like fringe from the thigh and from root of the foot. Our jeans at cantate feature these same elements, appearing as one continues wearing the denim. But from last season, we began an endeavor to create a fashionable, processed jean found nowhere else – leading to the creation of this series of denim jeans from this season.

The theme for our processed jeans for these jeans this year is: “You’re the third owner.” In looking at the vintage denim jeans sold at vintage clothing shops, one has no way of telling how many owners a pair has had just by looking at them. Our processing this season, however, made a point of making it so you could tell just how many there have been. In looking at the details on the hem, one can get a sense of what we mean; we’ve performed processing as to make it look as if the jeans have had two previous owners – each with different inseam lengths – and have applied details so one can see the traces of that in the jeans themselves. In the rear, we even see the traces of a repair process called the “gacha”; one also sees such traces in the recreated whiskers and fringe of the thigh area. This fringe would only look one certain way if there was only one previous owner of the jeans, but within this work, we see fringe processed to be both thick and thin in variety. In the hip and behind the knee, we see processing as to make it has been worn countless times – recreating the history of its past two “owners” in the design.

Based upon denim made in 1947 – we have created this loyal model of this blueprint by way of thorough analysis and evaluation.

Distressed 1947type Jeans