“Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin”

A variant of jeans, first designed by cantate in summer of 2016. We named them “Denim Tapered Trousers,” with their silhouette serving as their most prominent feature: utilizing a taper from the thigh down to the hem. Long ago, men in the American West would wear their jeans with a center crease and finish them off with a pair of Weston boots – and with this model, we designed it to create the image of “handsomeness,” well fit with a jacket, dress shirt, and some fashionable leather shoes.

Different to jeans of the distant past, this piece has a more modern feel to the silhouette, but other elements and are sure to be of interest to in the vintage jeans craze. The belt-loops, lapping seam, and hemming are machine sewn, using an antique machine known as the Union Special – and the result puts the originals to shame. V stitch on the back pocket and the waist belt – a sewing style considered the “ink stroke”: these elements all remind one of the techniques of the craftsmen sewing these pieces together.

The fabric for the jeans are made from San Joaquin Cotton, grown from the rich and fertile soil of California and the melted ice from the Sierra Nevada mountains. The cotton was then painstakingly woven at the weavers of Okayama prefecture. The first button is made not of metal, but of real horn – the zipper, made from American Taron made in the 1960’s. Of course while it is vintage, we looked for new, dead stock which we then sewed together.

Denim Tapered Trousers