“Tenderly by Chet Baker”

Last year, we got a request from a certain television station to partake in the costume design of a TV show set in the early Showa era. We got the idea from the coat we designed then, and renewed the design fit for this seasons collection.

We called this the “High Collar Coat”; its characteristic lies in its high collar resulting from the buttons attached on it. Its attributes stand out more once one closes the buttons around the neck area. Attached around the waist on the back is a belt, which is made to go through the vertical line of the tuck, and drape was added to the fabric to give off an elegant feel. We put a deep vent and put a button in its middle in order to avoid it to flap open. This coat will emanate a dressy atmosphere even from the back.

The shoulder area is made in raglan sleeve to lend easier movement. Patch pockets with flaps are put on its sides. We used turn up cuffs to give a classic feel. Although the coat was originally designed with the Showa era in mind, through some modifications, I believe we were able to realize a refined coat, not found anywhere else.

The material we used is high quality Tasmanian Polwarth wool, which is also used in our Pea Coat, which was then processed in the “royal flannel method,” where washing and brushing procedure on the woven fabric is repeated many times over the period of one month, to lessen its fuzziness and increase softness. This is a coat with both wonderful design and material.

R.F. High Collar Coat
Wool100% LINER/Cupro50% Cotton50%, Cupro88% Wool12%, Silk62% Linen38%