“The Eye of The Hurricane by Herbie Hancock”

This outdoor-style coat was made in the material of our recommended choice this season, Tasmania Polwarth wool, in the nostalgic shape of an anorak. Anorak is a French-style term to describe the item and in German it would be called, Jacke. Anorak was a term to illustrate hooded pullover type outerwear made with fur, which were worn by the Eskimo, but there was also a period of time it was used to describe windbreakers.

The cantate Anorak was made in the pullover style as well, with a big pocket in the front, but we put our efforts into the details of this piece. First, its characteristic lies in its big hoody, which can cover one’s head perfectly. The zipper pull is in the shape of a ball and zipper is in the U-shape reminiscent of vintage. It was intentionally made so that the ball-shaped zipper pull peeps from the flap of breast pocket, and we chose thick strings to be used to tighten the waist and hood area. We used hints gathered from military uniforms worn in mountainous regions in designing this garment, but added details unique to cantate as seen in the example of the shape of the zipper.

The cuff strap was made in a rounded shape, like the one we used in our coats this season. By tightening this strap, it will give an impression of a vintage outerwear, as well as blocking the wind from flowing in. We lined the strap, as well as the hood, with warm corduroy material, making the jacket perfect for protection against the cold.

By using one sheet of high quality wool, which gives an impression of a casual item as well, one could really feel the quality of the material when worn. We are proud to introduce an outerwear with both vintage and authentic features fit for grown-ups.

R.F. Anorak Coat
Wool 100% ATTACHED PARTS/Cotton100%