“On The Street Where You Live by The Oscar Peterson Trio”

Here are cantate’s standard, most well-known jeans. Fitting well with a variety of outfits – with not just only casual tops but also jackets and coats. These jeans are designed to be just right for you.

The fabric for the jeans are based off of the Levi’s ’47 jeans, well-reputed within the vintage jean world, and have been woven together in a unique and special manner. The feeling of unevenness within jeans of this era is pronounced, featuring a rather blackish color as opposed to blue – with the coloration and this unevenness serving as their signature. With 7 count vertical threads and 7.4 count horizontal threads, we’ve made very slight changes to the threads. In addition, we’ve gone out of our way to make a top-dye of beige on the horizontal threads as to further accentuate the blackish color – a trademark of the times. The denim fabric itself was produced in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, woven by way of an antique shuttle loom; and of course, we see selvage attached on the edges of the fabric. In fact, the color of this selvage is special as well: pink. It would be fair to say that such a color is rarely seen anywhere else. We’ve also performed same-thread drop-out reactionary dying as to prevent the color from changing.

The silhouette: a straight fit, with just the right amount of thickness. We’ve also taken measures as to guarantee for harmony in the thigh and hip area, making for an easy wearing experience if hoping to wear it as a chino or dress pant because of how it adheres to the shape of your body. The front-button design is a style from quite long ago, featuring a real-horn button. The jeans appear simple at first glance, but they are in fact full of cantate’s style and originality.

1947type Jeans