“Norwegian Wood”

At first glance it may appear to be cotton, but this jacket is actually made from linen—perfect for the summer. This jacket is rafted from European imported linen using 55-gauge twined yarn in the warp and 33-gauge single-threaded yarn in the weft. Made from high density material that doesn't slacken easily, silk is also processed into the yarn to give it a beautiful shine and color for the perfect finishing touch. At our behest, our master suit tailor additionally succeeded in finding a way to impart an extraordinary springy resilience. We find that the black used in the warp gives the jacket an exciting depth of coloring.
Our original and innovative linen material has yielded a double-breasted jacket perfect for the start of the season. Gentlemen of the past would opt for off-white or beige double-breasted suits in the spring and summer. These days it takes a lot of bravado to walk around sporting white, but the brown we opted for provides you with a stylish option to wear linen without becoming self-conscious.
The welt pockets are hand-made by our craftsmen. Fine-tuned with ironing to make it practically meld to your body

Brown Double Breasted Jacket
Linen100% LINER/Cupro50% Cotton50%, Cupro88% Wool12%, Linen62% Silk38%