“Somewhere Before by Keith Jarrett”

A “gun patch” is a patch that is attached from the shoulder to the breast area; it is a detail found in clothing such as hunting jackets, shooting jackets, and other vests in use in hunting, while also commonly found on trench coats. It is said the patch was originally conceived as a method of reinforcing the gunstock on the shoulder — attached only on the side where one’s dominant hand is. This season, we bring you the debut of a new check-patterned shirt that makes use of this detail.

Fifty-two-ply thread of GIZA cotton – we warp the vertical threads, putting the fabric through the loom without using any glue whatsoever. The product also uses raised fabric, guaranteeing for a soft, fluffy feel. Check patterns come in three variants: navy/brown, navy/beige, and dark brown/Bordeaux. Each featuring unique coloration, the shirts come together with the unique smoothness of GIZA cotton, and the raised quality of the fabric — the combination of all of these elements guarantees for a pattern of a unique taste.

The gun-patch, the signature piece of the design, is an original design making use of corduroy. The back makes use of a box pleat, with gathered fabric featured within the opening of the sleeve. We have also implemented gazette within the collar, in order to further emphasize the beauty of the winding sewing present there; the perfect mesh of patterns works as this piece’s strongest selling point.

Hunting Check Shirt
Cotton100% TAPE/Silk100%