“Come Rain or Come Shine by Ella Fitzgerald”

No other shirt reminds one so strongly of the sea or feels so innately French. A two-colored border, and boat neck opening to the chest…. A seemingly endless number of famous figures have been avid fans of this horizontal-striped shirt – whether it be the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the genius of pop art Andy Warhol, or the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Most horizontal-striped shirts are machine-sewn in a direct and simple manner, but cantate’s shirts feature a lightly relaxed, looser chest area and a slightly firmer fit on the waist – allowing the shirt to fit to the body. We’ve put vents on both sides of the hem, with the backside of the vents turning into a picture frame-like construct. The silk grosgrain ribbon and buffalo button attached to the vent appear and disappear according to the movement of the wearer, serving as a unique highlight of the design. The handling of the collar opening has been fashioned by way of a lock sewing machine, carefully machine-sewn as to accentuate its presence in the design: so many ideas and thoughts and ambitions, all concentrated in this single item of fashion.

Our border shirt for this season features a new fabric as well. The central ingredient is a 40-count two-ply thread of high-quality supima cotton, with the nap of the cloth burnt as to prevent pilling. The result leads to a stronger, more bold coloration of the borders; in addition, we’ve also strengthened gas-singeing on the front layer in order to increase sheen and luster. The shirt has also been put through a wash one time, allowing for a smoother feel to the touch – allowing one a feel different to other shirts by cantate. The shirts come in two color sets – grey/navy and navy/white.

Horizontal Stripe Shirt
Cotton100% TAPE/Silk100%