“Open Sesame by Freddie Hubbard”

Pea Coat was made with an image of a sailor’s outerwear in mind. At times these coats are called by the names of “Bridge coat” or “Pilot jacket.” Its prototypes are often made with heavy wool materials such as Melton cloth. It was originally used as uniforms for the U.S. and British Navy, but then through its release to the market as surplus in post-WWII era led up to its use as casual-wear.

The design of this Pea Coat is same as that of the Pea Coat made in Tasmanian Polwarth wool, but the material we used here is cashmere. The cashmere called “Kilogram Melton,” which we used last year as well for our duffle coat, is a 1kg heavy material. We double weaved and raised 5 single count yarn cashmere. The tailoring of the Pea Coat is made in the same way as its wool version, in which we used twice the among of outer material. We were able to make an excellent piece with a generous use of luxurious material. The color too, isn’t a common grey, but marl fabric of a light grey tone. This is a color not commonly used in most brands for their autumn and winter season items. Despite its basic design, by using a distinctive material, it becomes its very own unique clothing—this is what cantate aims for.

High Birth Pea Coat
Cashmere100% LINER/Cupro88% Wool12%, Silk62% Linen38%